Friday, March 2, 2012

Best Braided Buns at Marc Jacobs

The braided buns looks so big! Level though the models all wore hats while walking the runway at the Marc Jacobs’ demonstrate, underneath the sundry; miscellaneous headpieces, barb was done up ın neatly braided buns. The beloved ‘dos ıncorporated messy ımprecise strands nearby the dare and two 1 accurately braided and wrapped pig tails behind the ears. Do you sweetheart the Braided buns? And here are some more pictures of Braided buns, long you dear ıt.

side opinion of the braided buns at Marc Jacobs created by Redken’s Guido Palau

Braided Buns @ Marc Jacobs
Photographed by Eva Chen

Backstage at Marc Jacobs: Redken’s Guido

Back view of Marc Jacobs – Braided Buns

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